My aim, as a professional photographer is to present you with a special storybook that carefully and artfully interweaves each special memory that you’ll look back on fondly for a lifetime. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, I won’t ask you to repeat parts of your big day or get you to pose for the camera.  Instead, I’ll act as a guest at your wedding, using my camera lens to capture those perfect moments that go unnoticed on the day but showcase the true beauty of a wedding.

Natural and Candid

You’ll see from my previous work that I like to provide you with a natural and candid account of your big day. Rather than simply capturing your day with highly posed images, it’s my goal to showcase the true emotions and experiences felt on your wedding day – both romantic and poignant. 

Each candid image captured on your wedding day will help you to remember all the happy memories created on your special day when the magic of the day begins to fade in memory. 

Truly Unforgettable

I aim as a professional photographer to discreetly capture all the little details of your wedding that make it truly unforgettable.  Whether these be candid shots of the bride arriving in the car, a nervous groom waiting at the altar or even a joyous couple hitting the dance floor, my goal is to provide a genuine account of the day that also includes all the special people that you choose to share your beautiful day with.  Wedding guests play a huge role in capturing the magic of your wedding day and I aim to provide you with a special, personalised account of all the emotional moments that people will treasure for a lifetime.      

If this sounds like the type of photography you would like for your big day, get in touch for a free quote.


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