Stephen & Elena ~ The Piersland House


An Ayrshire Wedding venue with a intimate atmosphere, the sun was out and the laughter was loud at The Piersland House

Stephen and Elena’s Wedding was special, packed with their friends and family. We were blessed with the big orange ball in the sky.

The Piersland has a decking area out back allowing the wedding party to enjoy the gardens.

Being outside allowed me to observe and document all the laughter and conversation.

I love taking photographs in a country house wedding, shadows and dynamic light is what I search for.

Please view the photographs and I hope you love them as much as I do, I fell couldn’t get enough of this ayrshire wedding venue.



As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s my goal to tell stories, capturing those special unscripted moments filled with love and emotion.  Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s my goal to piece together those special moments to create a precious unscripted account of your big day.  I aim to capture these images with an artistic eye for detail, paying close attention to the small details that help bring your wedding to life.

I want to capture the nuances of your special day that make it memorable, and your guests play a huge role in that.  These are the special people in your life, the ones who you love and laugh with and, once the magic of your wedding day begins to fade, it will be the photographs of the day that you turn to time and time again to relive those special, precious moments, surrounded by the people you love.


2 responses to “Stephen & Elena ~ The Piersland House”

  1. Elena & Stephen Murphy says:

    Lee’s style of photography portrays in magnificent fashion the natural expressions of joy and happiness at our wedding. He achieved this in such an unobtrusive manner that we were hardly aware of his presence. A refreshingly different approach to wedding photography with outstanding results!

    • says:

      Thank you guys! It was a pleasure to be part of your day. So happy to hear you loved your photographs.

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