Photography Education ~ Is It Worth Doing?


Gaining a Degree in Photography Education ~ Is It Worth Doing?


It might sound a bit deep and harsh. I will explain.

This is my personal experience, an opinion that I wish to share. 

Over the last three and a bit years (since I left University) I have asked that very question.

Photography is my passion, a lifestyle, a craft I think about on a daily basis.

I gained my photography degree (with distinction) for me and at the time I thought it would give me an advantage in the industry.

Gaining my degree was one the proudest experiences of my life, and so much fun. The photography tutors inspired me to produce the best work I could, being told that I had creating something great was awesome.

As a professional working in the industry,  I hear ‘Oh my friend just started working as a photographer’ on a regular basis. There seems to be more and more people entering the industry.

There is no need to know what the F-Stop’s and Shutter Speed settings do to your camera’s set up. I accept that technology is making it an inviting industry to be part of, I have made my own changes to my equipment. I still think people should invest their time learning and gaining valuable knowledge before calling themselves pros. 

Opening a photography text book wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to be handed a camera and asked to find my craft.


Does a degree or education matter to the consumer/client?

I work in the Wedding Industry, I document weddings with natural, unposed photographs.

I worry that the consumers don’t appreciate the skilled craftsmen among us.

The Internet has become a dark space with hints of success, like a dark evening with flashes of fire flies.

My aim is always to stress how I am a photographer before a business man.

Being part of the wedding industry is very important to me, I feel honoured and appreciated to be invited to a day full of love and laughter.


Should a degree be something you aim for?

All industries are different, being a lawyer or doctor you are expected to have that high pass rate.

Photography is an art, so you probably aren’t expected to have an education behind you.

Can you take a picture, great. Now you can come and photograph my daughters wedding.

I think a degree or education should be a personal venture, like it was for me. Now when I think about my time at university along with my piers, I am glad I invested in it.

Your degree will shape you as a person and develop your craft.


From time to time I create personal projects with creative people.



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