Lesley&Tracy ~ Kings Park Hotel


Lesley and Tracy’s Wedding at Kings Park Hotel.

 There was plenty of love and support for the new Mrs and Mrs on their Wedding Day.

I began the day at Lesley and Tracy’s home in Glasgow, joined by her closest family. We then made the short journey to Kings Park Hotel for the Ceremony and Reception.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I observe and capture those candid moments through out the day. I like to engage with the Wedding Guests, providing my clients with a record of their day.

I do my job quietly, making sure that i don’t disturb those natural moments. The quirky looks, smiles, humour and emotions are recorded at that very moment.

I hope you love looking through my favourite photographs from the day.



My aim, as a professional photographer is to present you with a special storybook that carefully and artfully interweaves each special memory that you’ll look back on fondly for a lifetime. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, I won’t ask you to repeat parts of your big day or get you to pose for the camera.  Instead, I’ll act as a guest at your wedding, using my camera lens to capture those perfect moments that go unnoticed on the day but showcase the true beauty of a wedding.

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