Breaking into the Wedding Industry is harder than ever.

Nearly four years on, only now do I recieve an encouraging number of enquiries.

The Internet is a great tool, but it can also be overcrowded. Being fairly young in the industry I get lost underneath the well established Wedding Photographers. Rightly So.

The key is to be visable on as many worthy plantform as possible.

I do feel for all those couples planning their wedding, fishing through all the fluff (there is a lot out there) must be hard. That’s where I find it frustrating, apply yourself and sharing quality photography. Educating people to see quality rather than the price tag. 

Recently I had a worthy conversation with my wife about my visions and values. Bringing my prices down to a competitive market and planning my approach to the Lee Davidson Connor Photography brand.


A modern, sustainable brand.


You are asking a stranger to be part of your Wedding Day, you have to like that person. That’s why I make sure I meet up with clients to present myself.

I want to stand out, photographers have to showcase what they offer over other competitors.

Word of mouth has to be one of the best marketing tool , having another supplier recommend you is a bonus. I engage and network with unqiue Wedding Industry Suppliers on a regular basis. 


As a documentary Wedding Photographer, it’s my goal to tell stories, capturing those special unscripted moments filled with love and emotion.  Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s my goal to piece together those special moments to create a precious unscripted account of your big day.  I aim to capture these images with an artistic eye for detail, paying close attention to the small details that help bring your wedding to life.

I want to capture the nuances of your special day that make it memorable, and your guests play a huge role in that.  These are the special people in your life, the ones who you love and laugh with and, once the magic of your wedding day begins to fade, it will be the photographs of the day that you turn to time and time again to relive those special, precious moments, surrounded by the people you love.



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