September 27, 2017

LochWinnoch Village Wedding ~ Elise & David

  LochWinnoch Village Wedding. Weddings are a great platform for me, as Documentary Photographer I engage and photograph in a true and honest manner. Elise and David planned to have their Wedding Ceremony outdoors, but the LochWinnoch weather had other ideas. It was wet and windy. The ...

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August 28, 2017

Sloans Glasgow Wedding ~ Faye and Susan

  Sloans in Glasgow ~ Faye & Susan's Wedding   When an enquiry for a Sloans Glasgow Wedding lands in my emails I get a little excited. Faye and Susan's Wedding was no different, they kept it simple with the decor, but elegant. The guests had fun, along with Susan and Faye's ...

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August 9, 2017

Castle Lachlan Wedding ~ Julie & Anthony

Castle Lachlan Wedding.   Julie and Anthony asked me for a Skype call to disguss their Wedding. I couldn't believe how perfect the day sounded. Castle Lachlan is in a fantastic location, the self catering house suited Julie and Anthony's Australian inspired wedding perfectly. 15 people ...

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August 3, 2017

Lesley&Tracy ~ Kings Park Hotel

  Lesley and Tracy's Wedding at Kings Park Hotel.  There was plenty of love and support for the new Mrs and Mrs on their Wedding Day. I began the day at Lesley and Tracy's home in Glasgow, joined by her closest family. We then made the short journey to Kings Park Hotel for the ...

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July 6, 2017

Milarrochy Bay ~ Michelle & Michael

  Garden Wedding in Milarrochy Bay, Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond is a real favourite for me, forty minutes from Glasgow and your in rural paradise. I met up with Michelle and Michael prior to chat over their wedding plans. Straight away I was itching to document the wedding day. From the ...

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July 2, 2017

Stephen & Elena ~ The Piersland House

  An Ayrshire Wedding venue with a intimate atmosphere, the sun was out and the laughter was loud at The Piersland House Stephen and Elena's Wedding was special, packed with their friends and family. We were blessed with the big orange ball in the sky. The Piersland has a decking area ...

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June 24, 2017

Pamela and Kevin ~ Crutherland House Hotel

  I think this first photograph sums up Kevin and Pamela's Crutherland House Wedding in East Kilbride. Pamela and Kevin were the most chilled out bride and groom, having a laugh when ever possible. I love to see new venues, ones which I have never been to. The Macdonald Crutherland House ...

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June 24, 2017

Esther & Jim’s Crear Wedding

Crear Weddings, Venue in Tarbert, Argyll. Crear has been somewhere I've admired from a far and keen to visit, with the views of Jura and rural walking routes it's a cracker! I was delighted when Esther and Jim asked me to be their photographer for the beautifully creative DIY Wedding day that ...

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May 10, 2017

Rosie+Ben ~ A Day In Your Life

  Rosie + Ben. Family Memories   A Day In Your Life is an opportunity to take photographs that will last a life time.  Rosie and Ben were a great little family to work with, having a lovely relationship. I arrived to a very excited but cautious Ben. He gave lots of little ...

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March 27, 2017


  Breaking into the Wedding Industry is harder than ever. Nearly four years on, only now do I recieve an encouraging number of enquiries. The Internet is a great tool, but it can also be overcrowded. Being fairly young in the industry I get lost underneath the well established Wedding ...

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March 1, 2017

Photography Education ~ Is It Worth Doing?

  Gaining a Degree in Photography Education ~ Is It Worth Doing?   It might sound a bit deep and harsh. I will explain. This is my personal experience, an opinion that I wish to share.  Over the last three and a bit years (since I left University) I have asked that very ...

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February 16, 2017

Why I Love This Picture ~ We Are Now Married

  Celebrate being married. Mr and Mrs Courtney were fantastic to work with. From their first look, (which was new for me) but a beautiful moment to photograph. Being held in a tiny room with the new husband and wife was a great opportunity to observe and record. I Love this picture because ...

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February 2, 2017

A Day In Your Life ~ Mcgregor’s

  A Day In Your Life.   Being a Documentary Photographer I love to observe and photograph subjects in a natural manner. A day in your life is a new project/service documenting families, providing a family with a photographic memory of one day, in one moment. This is an opportunity to ...

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January 30, 2017

Glasgow Art School Intimate Wedding ~ Katelyn & Alex

  Alex and Katelyn's Intimate Wedding was going to be a celebration of two families coming together. Katelyn brought her family from America and Alex invited his English friends and family. Katelyn and Alex's Documentary Wedding Story began at an apartment in Partick, Glasgow. Each Wedding ...

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January 20, 2017

Why do Wedding Pictures Matter?

  As the old saying goes, all that you’re left with at the end of your big day is a groom and your wedding pictures.  My style of candid wedding pictures aims to provide you with a wonderful storybook where precious unscripted moments of your special day are documented ...

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January 16, 2017

Is Your Wedding Day Social Media Savvy?

As a documentary wedding photographer, the growing trend for guests to have their own pictorial voice and wedding photo ideas has never been louder.  Digital photography has paved the way for everyone to own a camera and think of themselves as mini-photographers.  My aim to capture ...

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January 3, 2017

Engagement Photography ~ Culzean Castle

  I feel privileged when asked to photograph a wedding, this engagement session was no different. Iain and Erin are very good friends, so it was fun and beautiful to photograph them together. Erin was visiting from Wisconsin in the US with her family for the christmas holidays. We ...

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December 23, 2016


Moment on the Wedding Dancefloor.   I love this moment, at every wedding I photograph it's a glimpse into a very special day. A couple enjoying a moment together on the Wedding Dancefloor, maybe thinking about their wedding day in the future. Being a Documentary Wedding Photographer allows ...

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November 25, 2016

Why I Love This Picture~Laughter At Weddings

  Who doesn't love a laugh, we all do it in our own magical way. These are the wedding photography moments I search for and wait for. When I was at University my tutor said "Photography is all about control, choose that moment and press the camera shutter." I have constructed my wedding ...

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November 25, 2016

Why I Love This Picture~Glasgow Wedding Photographer

The picture was of a special moment between the bride and her mum at the Carnbooth House Hotel. During a wedding I look for moments that will create memories, allowing me to photograph in a unique style. This moment will never happen again, it has passed and that's why I had to capture it. The ...

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